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Eat Real FoodWe’ve talked a lot about werkin out, and eating good stuff, and having a healthy mindset, and all kinds of things that can make you strong and healthy and awesome.

I’ve been a little slack in my writing the past couple of months, because I’ve been focusing on the “eating good stuff” part in a serious way. I’ve gotten a specialty certification in Fitness Nutrition (FANCY, Y’ALL) and really nailed down the most important part about eating right. Oh and I started a new business you guys. Here’s the main nutrition philosophy that sparked the idea: Read More


Hey y’all, it’s time for me to start a blog about some fitness things.  If you’re reading this, you probably know me and are my mom.  If you don’t and aren’t, here’s the short version of why I’m starting this blog.  As a way to turn this back story into advice, I’ll list the history as steps that you can follow to do what I did and eventually start your own free WordPress blog. Just like me!

  • Step 1: Be fat for like, most if not all of your life. Read More