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It’s summertime, which means it is WAY TOO HOT to leave the office in the heat of the day to go get a $14 wilted salad. Bring this shit to work and you’ll stay cool, satisfied, and FULL OF NUTRITION. You know you’re supposed to bring your damn lunch to work anyway, so try this one.

I like eating, so I usually put 1/2 of a sandwich’s worth of food in each wrap and have two wraps, as opposed to bringing one huge burrito of a wrap. Also, collard green leaves aren’t always big enough to make a huge burrito. But, you do whatever works for you. Here’s what you’ll need (per serving; if you wanna make a bunch for the week, go for it):

  • 1 small sweet potato
  • 1 small chicken breast (4-6 ounces)
  • 1/3 cup sweet onion “mayo” (that Greek yogurt concoction we made last week)
  • 2-4 collard green leaves, depending on their size

That’s all! These are simple and packed with flavor. You can also toss in any other raw or roasted veggies you might have lying around. I added roasted asparagus once and it was very tasty indeed. Read More


Adding a little extra flavor to a meal doesn’t have to mean adding a bunch of fatty or sugary bullshit (GET OUT, KETCHUP AND RANCH). Here is a great staple to include in any summertime meal. Also to include in any wintertime meal. Just include this when you eat things.

The first thing we have to do is choose a base for this tasty, sweet, salty, savory, delicious condiment. Let’s explore our options:

Mayonnaise = high in fat, high in calories, low in protein

0% Greek Yogurt = low in fat, low in calories, high in protein

This is an easy decision, right? We’re gonna make this mayo with Greek Yogurt cause it is the shit and way mo betta for you. Here are all of the things you need to make this: Read More

This is my new favorite salad and I’ve been eating it All. The. Time. Its fresh, summery, bright flavors are the perfect way to welcome the GODDAMN HOT WEATHER that’s coming. This is great as a side dish, a full meal when you toss some chicken on there, to bring for your lunch (which you should always bring to work, never buy), or to make a bunch and impress all your sassy friends at a summer BBQ. Let’s make this thing.

INGREDIENTS (serves 4): Read More

My mom has always been awesome, but recently she’s taking it to a new level by making fitness and health a real priority. She, like so many moms, is one of those ladies that makes sure everyone else is taken care of before caring for herself, and works harder than anyone I know. But sometimes it’s better to be selfish, especially regarding your health, and Mom finally decided it was time to focus on making a change in her own life for a minute. And, since it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, I figured it would be a great time to INSPIRE YOU ALL with what a badass she is, and how manageable her journey has been.

Mom and I are similar in that our body types will take just about any type of food we eat and ask CAN I CONVERT THIS TO FAT NOW?! which means losing weight requires a lot of attention to detail. However, it is still totally doable. Here’s how the lovely Mom O’Neill got on the fitness train, starting at the end of January: Read More

Eat Real FoodWe’ve talked a lot about werkin out, and eating good stuff, and having a healthy mindset, and all kinds of things that can make you strong and healthy and awesome.

I’ve been a little slack in my writing the past couple of months, because I’ve been focusing on the “eating good stuff” part in a serious way. I’ve gotten a specialty certification in Fitness Nutrition (FANCY, Y’ALL) and really nailed down the most important part about eating right. Oh and I started a new business you guys. Here’s the main nutrition philosophy that sparked the idea: Read More

Cooking healthy foods isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t always easy either. And eating healthy foods isn’t much easier if it isn’t tasty. Or, if it’s tasty, but it’s the same tasty healthy recipe you’ve been making all year, and now it’s boring. So, let’s do something that’s easy to make and easy to eat and easy to switch up when you’re over it.

PESTO! Which you already knew because TITLES. Pesto is super easy to make — you pretty much cannot screw it up — it keeps really well (in the fridge for a while, in the freezer for longer), and you can make a bunch of different kinds so you don’t get bored. It’s a great way to flavor your food without using sugary sauces or dressings you find at the store (and trust me, even if it’s a savory sauce….check the label. It’s probs sugary). Read More

Cooking is tough. You have to remember numbers, make lists, buy stuff, use fire, and hold knives. Then it all has to taste good, AND be cooked enough to not kill you. With all of these challenges, it can be difficult to add the ever-important task of making sure the thing you cooked is healthy. Here are a few easy swaps you can make in your basic (or very advanced, you fancypants) cooking to make your meal lighter, leaner, and more nutrient dense. Read More

Hayyyyy guys. I know we’ve talked about how to survive a party, a BBQ, and even the Thanksgiving holiday, but the Christmas / New Year’s stretch is often 10 days or more of being “on vacation, so, what the heck, I’ll have another burrito! See you in 2 weeks, Gym!” and stuff. And 10 days of that is gonna do some real damage. So, let’s set a few, easy to follow ground rules that will STILL let you have an awesome time, but also let you not destroy your body. Read More

It’s winter, so you know what that means. SOUP TIME. There are two rules for making soup:

  1. Make a double batch so you can throw somma that shit in the freezer for when you’re sick
  2. Toss as many veggies in there as you can, cause it usually barely changes the flavor and you NEED THEM FOR LIFE

Today we’re making black bean soup and following both of those rules. Here’s what you need: Read More

It’s that time of year y’all. Next Thursday we’ll gather warmly with family and friends and try so hard to eat an amount of food that is so great, it becomes impossible to move. What a celebration.

So, look. I know it’s tough to be the healthy one, or even think about health and well-being on a day aimed at basically prepping you to be human foie gras (i.e. force-fed until you are a fatty and expensive menu item). Why not just let yourself have one day? One day to pour starch and butter and sugar into your body for hours? I’ll tell you why not. Because we are mature people with self-respect, and we are awesome at fitnessing, and we take no prisoners, not even on Thanksgiving. That’s why not.

So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna indulge, sure. We’re gonna try some delicious pie that your mom makes, and have some of grandma’s famous stuffing, and we’re gonna enjoy the day. But we’re also gonna be sensible human beings who understand caloric intake and how it affects our bodies. We do not need to each 3,000 – 4,000 calories just because… — I mean actually I really have no idea why we all have been programmed to do that. Thankfulness? Anyway. Let’s get to tips on doing only minor damage on Thanksgiving. We all know this isn’t going to be a HEALTHY day, but maybe we can at least keep the destruction to a minimum. Here we go. Read More