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My mom has always been awesome, but recently she’s taking it to a new level by making fitness and health a real priority. She, like so many moms, is one of those ladies that makes sure everyone else is taken care of before caring for herself, and works harder than anyone I know. But sometimes it’s better to be selfish, especially regarding your health, and Mom finally decided it was time to focus on making a change in her own life for a minute. And, since it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, I figured it would be a great time to INSPIRE YOU ALL with what a badass she is, and how manageable her journey has been.

Mom and I are similar in that our body types will take just about any type of food we eat and ask CAN I CONVERT THIS TO FAT NOW?! which means losing weight requires a lot of attention to detail. However, it is still totally doable. Here’s how the lovely Mom O’Neill got on the fitness train, starting at the end of January: Read More


Let me just start this off by saying that Weight Watchers is the shit.  And let me also say that I am no longer on it (which I’ll get to later–CLIFFHANGER!).

Personally, I started Weight Watchers because Jennifer Hudson had just starting being their spokesmodel, and I was like, she seems so fun, I would like to be her friend and look that excited about wearing dresses with a belt, okay fine I’ll shell out $16 for the online version for 3 months, or whatever the deal was. Read More