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This is my new favorite salad and I’ve been eating it All. The. Time. Its fresh, summery, bright flavors are the perfect way to welcome the GODDAMN HOT WEATHER that’s coming. This is great as a side dish, a full meal when you toss some chicken on there, to bring for your lunch (which you should always bring to work, never buy), or to make a bunch and impress all your sassy friends at a summer BBQ. Let’s make this thing.

INGREDIENTS (serves 4): Read More


Cooking healthy foods isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t always easy either. And eating healthy foods isn’t much easier if it isn’t tasty. Or, if it’s tasty, but it’s the same tasty healthy recipe you’ve been making all year, and now it’s boring. So, let’s do something that’s easy to make and easy to eat and easy to switch up when you’re over it.

PESTO! Which you already knew because TITLES. Pesto is super easy to make — you pretty much cannot screw it up — it keeps really well (in the fridge for a while, in the freezer for longer), and you can make a bunch of different kinds so you don’t get bored. It’s a great way to flavor your food without using sugary sauces or dressings you find at the store (and trust me, even if it’s a savory sauce….check the label. It’s probs sugary). Read More

It’s winter, so you know what that means. SOUP TIME. There are two rules for making soup:

  1. Make a double batch so you can throw somma that shit in the freezer for when you’re sick
  2. Toss as many veggies in there as you can, cause it usually barely changes the flavor and you NEED THEM FOR LIFE

Today we’re making black bean soup and following both of those rules. Here’s what you need: Read More

Alright I know I’ve been all about Greek Yogurt and grilled chicken breast, but I’ve had a lot of time to watch a lot of documentaries and read a lot of books, and you guys, there are better ways to get protein.

Before you get hives and go buying up all the 2% cottage cheese, just relax. I’m not saying cut all your animal protein. I’m just saying tone it down a bit. Not every meal has to be a lean white meat with veggies. There are other (effing delicious) ways to get protein and eat healthy. And you should get in on some of that.

So, to be clear, animal protein means any product coming from an animal. The meat itself, the dairy produced, the eggs — the whole deal.

Here we go with reasons to cut back on animal proteins: Read More

Do you love burritos? Fish tacos? Wraps? Fitnessing? Well, let’s combine all of those in one dinner, and make it right now. Yes. Let’s do just that.

Here is what you’ll need, if you’re interested in joining me (and it just so happens this will serve four people, so bring yo friends!):

  • 2 tilapia filets (around 6-8oz each)
  • 8 collard green leaves (or stalks, or whatever they are)
  • an onion (red or yellow, whatever’s your jam)
  • a red bell pepper
  • a lime
  • seafood magic fish seasoning, or taco seasoning, or one of those type things
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 mango*
  • 1 cup of cabbage or broccoli slaw for crunch (I had leftover zucchini, so I chopped some and used that)

*If you don’t like mangoes, you can use pineapple, or any other fruit you like. Or, if you’re one of those sad boring people, you can use no fruit at all. Read More

I’ll tell you what it is. QUINOA IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND, THAT’S WHAT.

But also, it’s technically a seed, and one that acts like a whole grain, and is like pasta’s older, prettier sister. If you’re interested in saying it aloud, you can do so by saying KEEN-wah. There. You’ve done it.

Let’s talk about how RIDICULOUS it is that you aren’t already eating this all the time by going through all of the ways in which Quinoa satisfies the This Food Is Awesome requirements. Read More

One of the many reasons this stuff is awesome is that you can make it at the beginning of the week and it lasts forever. It makes about 8 servings, and since there’s no meat in it, it will stay good for a couple weeks. So basically you only have to cook once and you have a healthy, warm, tasty, filling meal for like ever. THERE’S THAT EFFICIENCY AGAIN.

OK so here is what you need to make this. Read More