Why this exists.

Hey y’all, it’s time for me to start a blog about some fitness things.  If you’re reading this, you probably know me and are my mom.  If you don’t and aren’t, here’s the short version of why I’m starting this blog.  As a way to turn this back story into advice, I’ll list the history as steps that you can follow to do what I did and eventually start your own free WordPress blog. Just like me!

  • Step 1: Be fat for like, most if not all of your life.
  • Step 2: Suddenly decide this is bullshit and start fitnessing.
  • Step 3: Lose so much weight so fast.
  • Step 4: Be confused and search for a realistic way to incorporate fitnessing into actual life (in New York City, the Land of Cocktails and Truffle Fries.)

This blog begins at Step 4.  The plan is basically to share:

  • some thoughts and tips on being healthy, in a realistic and also somewhat neurotic sometimes way
  • stuff that works for me
  • stuff that doesn’t
  • workouts I love
  • recipes that taste like real food
  • other thoughts on the countless advice I’ve gotten on nutrition and physical fitness

Also, this will all be from a newbie POV, and in the layman-est of terms (NOT lame-est, c’mon).  So, come back anytime, no matter what your fitness level; you’ll find some useful stuff here.  Anyway. Have a good day, Mom. I’ll call you tomorrow.

  1. Brittany's Mom said:

    Wow Britt! Love it.

    Gotta go to Zumba, eat at Applebee’s and other Mom things

  2. Marci B said:

    I’m not your mom but I like this! DO IT GIRL! GET YO’ FITNESS ON

    • Whoa, their BMI scale looks pretty cool. Although, I could tweet my weight from the gym scale for free, and that way I could lie about it.

      All kidding aside, I have actually been considering posting my weekly progress as a companion to things I’m trying, to see what works and what doesn’t. But until I can build up the courage, I can just RT Crowley’s.

  3. Russ Strathern said:

    hilarious and helpful… keep up the great work!

  4. Alison said:

    I just got introduced to your blog and love it already. I particularly like the make-your-damn-lunch post dedicated to The Busy Person. It’s so true..and a helpful reminder to me, a self-professed (and ashamed, sometimes) busy person. Thanks for encouraging people like me to suck it up and figure it out! And thanks for being a wise a$$ while you’re doing it. 🙂

    • Hay gurl, welcome! Thanks for the comment; I try to keep equal parts information and wise ass as a general rule of thumb. If there’s ever anything you wanna hear about, request a post! Just do it as a comment in the “About Me” page.

  5. dpums said:

    I used to work in Cape Cod with your brother and I just saw a video he shared (some time ago) about you wanting to run the ING NYC marathon and a few clicks later I wound up here. I love your blog and I’m happy you are a WordPresser like myself so following it will be easy! Way to go, girly! I look forward to reading your tips and recipes to help me on my fitnessing journey!

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