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This is my new favorite salad and I’ve been eating it All. The. Time. Its fresh, summery, bright flavors are the perfect way to welcome the GODDAMN HOT WEATHER that’s coming. This is great as a side dish, a full meal when you toss some chicken on there, to bring for your lunch (which you should always bring to work, never buy), or to make a bunch and impress all your sassy friends at a summer BBQ. Let’s make this thing.

INGREDIENTS (serves 4): Read More


I’ll tell you what it is. QUINOA IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND, THAT’S WHAT.

But also, it’s technically a seed, and one that acts like a whole grain, and is like pasta’s older, prettier sister. If you’re interested in saying it aloud, you can do so by saying KEEN-wah. There. You’ve done it.

Let’s talk about how RIDICULOUS it is that you aren’t already eating this all the time by going through all of the ways in which Quinoa satisfies the This Food Is Awesome requirements. Read More