Thanksgiving Parade Werkout

You guys, the day is almost here. Tomorrow is Eating Day, and we all know from my widely read (by both of you) post last week that part of minimizing the damage on this Day of Eat is to work out in the morning. HOWEVER. Choosing between working out and watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade before you have to go to your family’s house is a VERY DIFFICULT CHOICE TO MAKE, so let’s combine the two and get our werkout in at home while we watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, because SANTA IS COMING!!!!

So make some coffee, eat some toast with almond butter, and get ready for some fitness commercial breaks. You don’t need any damn equipment for this so there is NO EXCUSE. It’s just for the first 4 commercial breaks, so that’s like…. what? 30 minutes in? It’s like equal parts commercial and parade.

Commercial Break #1: Warm up

  • 20 squats
  • 20 stationary lunges, left side
  • 20 stationary lunges, right side
  • jumping jacks until the parade comes back on

Commercial Break #2: Round 1

  • 20 jump squats (squat, jump up, land in a squat)
  • 20 split lunges (start in a lunge, jump as you switch your feet to be in an opposite side lunge)
  • 10 push ups (do as many as you can on your toes, drop to your knees for the rest when you JUST CAN’T)
  • high knees until the parade comes back on (run in place, pulling you knees up to hip height with each step)

Commercial Break #3: Round 2

  • 20 jump squats
  • 20 split lunges
  • 10 pushups (start on your toes again y’all, only go to your knees if you gotta)
  • plank until the parade comes back on

Commercial Break #4: Round 3

  • 20 jump squats
  • 20 split lunges
  • 10 pushups
  • high knees until the parade comes back on

BONUS: in between your commercial break workouts, when there is a “celebrity” in the parade you’ve never heard of, do 5 burpees.

It’s less than 20 minutes of actual working out. You can do this. If you’re feeling especially frisky (or ashamed of what you’re about to eat), add as many rounds as you can. GO ALL THE WAY UNTIL SANTA.

Okay Happy Thanksgiving. See y’all next week.

  1. Ellie said:

    woops. didn’t follow your advice and gained an entire lb. DAMN YOU PUMPKIN TURTLE CHEESECAKE!!!!

    • Ooooh gurl. Yeah I’m sure most people are in the same boat (and then some). Throw in 2 extra workouts a week for a couple weeks to undo somma that.

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