Oh, hey. Are you one of those people that are paranoid about bulking up too much, and just stick to cardio for your workout? Or worry that since you don’t have a lot of time at the gym, the amount you’re there is better spent adding to your total mileage on the elliptical? Well, congratulations. You’re an idiot. Only idiots do nothing but cardio.  Do you want to be an idiot? Is this a goal of yours? If so, I can recommend some great bands and movies for your enjoyment. However, if being an idiot was an accident you would like to correct, then let’s talk about some weights. Read More


Oh hey, is your resolution to burn off some fat? Yes, well, welcome to This Is What Everyone Wants Always.

Today we’re going to get all up on High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT.  This is not the thing you do when you want to blast your lats or get huge biceps. This is the thing you do to burn fat in the most efficient way possible. And don’t we just love efficiency. Yes, we do.


HIIT is alternating between short intervals of very high intensity cardio and low intensity cardio. Read More

So now that we’ve established that exercising is a must, there are so many places to go from here.  I’m sure you have questions. Like, WHAT KIND DO I DO AND FOR HOW LONG AND HOW OFTEN AND WHAT ABOUT IF I’M BUSY AND WHY ISN’T IT WORKING I CAN’T SEE MY ABS.

Well, this is to answer, sort of, the first part of that.  There are a LOT of different kinds of exercise, but one of the most efficient is circuit training (and don’t we all love efficiency.)

I’m relatively new to circuit training, but ever since an injury has kept me from running, it’s pretty much all I do. And you guys, I am SO STRONG now. I will open that jar for you. Read More