Circuit Training

So now that we’ve established that exercising is a must, there are so many places to go from here.  I’m sure you have questions. Like, WHAT KIND DO I DO AND FOR HOW LONG AND HOW OFTEN AND WHAT ABOUT IF I’M BUSY AND WHY ISN’T IT WORKING I CAN’T SEE MY ABS.

Well, this is to answer, sort of, the first part of that.  There are a LOT of different kinds of exercise, but one of the most efficient is circuit training (and don’t we all love efficiency.)

I’m relatively new to circuit training, but ever since an injury has kept me from running, it’s pretty much all I do. And you guys, I am SO STRONG now. I will open that jar for you.


Circuit train. Basically, you string a series of exercises together that you perform either a certain number of times, or for a certain amount of time. That is your circuit.  Depending on the circuit, and how much time you have, perform that circuit 2-4 times, with breaks in between each circuit of about a minute. You can build your circuit to target different things, depending on your workout week (and how ambitious you’re feeling).  Having read about and done a fair share of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT, yes, there will be a post on that later) I try and do some semblance of that by alternating a few very intense cardio moves with other strength / muscle building moves.

For example:

  • 20 squats (strength training)
  • 20 squat jumps (squat and then jump up, then land in a squat: high intensity cardio)
  • 20 lunges, right leg forward (strength)
  • 20 lunges, left leg forward (strength, but other side)
  • 20 squat thrusts (put your hands on the ground, jump your legs out to a push-up position, then jump them back in, and stand up: high intensity cardio)
  • 20 bicep curls (strength)
  • 40 mountain climbers (get in push-up position, and “run,” bringing one knee at a time into your chest: high intensity cardio)
  • 10 pushups (strength)

Then take a minute break, and repeat it 2 or 3 more times.

Did you notice something about this workout? Yes, with the exception of the bicep curls, everything can be done with ZERO equipment, in a space the size of your body lying down. So, you can totally do this. And, if it kicks your ass, try cutting each element in half at first, to introduce your body to the sort of ass-kicking you will be giving it from now on, so you’re comfortable with it and don’t feel like you’re dying.

We’re going to continue exploring more workouts together (I will tell you allllllll about box jumps and why everyone should do them), but give this one a try. You will feel way better about eating that sausage and cream cheese dip on Christmas Eve if you’ve gotten your body moving in a serious way beforehand (but please note that cream cheese is not considered your post-workout protein).


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