Weight Watchers is awesome.

Let me just start this off by saying that Weight Watchers is the shit.  And let me also say that I am no longer on it (which I’ll get to later–CLIFFHANGER!).

Personally, I started Weight Watchers because Jennifer Hudson had just starting being their spokesmodel, and I was like, she seems so fun, I would like to be her friend and look that excited about wearing dresses with a belt, okay fine I’ll shell out $16 for the online version for 3 months, or whatever the deal was.


Do you love math? Or counting? Or games? The type of person WW really works for is someone who thrives on counting points and analyzing how much wine you can drink later if you only have egg whites for lunch. It turns into an awesome game that you can’t help but play, every minute, all the time, so fun!


Every minute you work out, based on the level of intensity, you earn “activity points.” You should be able to put those points towards eating more. For those of us who are a little more interested in fast-tracking the weight-loss process (everyone, right? everyone?) I figured out that if you use only the minimum allotted amount of points for your weight AND worked out for an hour a day, you lose weight superfast. From February 2011 to December 2011, I lost 70 pounds. Basically you ignore the points you earn from working out, which you’re supposed to use to give your body the extra nourishment and energy it needs, but whatever.


Weight Watchers is awesome because even if you’re trying to “game the system,” which I did endlessly, the joke’s on you, because you’re still making healthy choices.  Oh, I only have 5 points left for dinner? Well guess what, vegetables are zero points and I use spray olive oil, so I can have a normal serving of chicken and like 18 cups of broccoli SUCKAS. It actually became my rule of thumb to do “one-people protein, five-people vegetables” which is an idiot’s way of saying a single serving of lean protein and five servings of vegetables. Joke’s on me! Vegetables are healthy.


So, if you thrive on the types of things I mentioned (basically, obsessive counting), you will love Weight Watchers.  However, you will also probably start to love it a little too much, and think about it all the time and write its name (and corresponding current point count) on all your notebooks.  This was definitely my experience a couple of months after I lost the weight. If I worked out for 2 hours, I panicked about having a protein bar afterwards because then I wouldn’t have enough points left for dinner (would I?? Who KNOWS how hungry I would be by then?!)  I was walking around always feeling hungry and always counting and re-counting what I could eat in order to ration out my points.

I consider that the point at which WW stopped working for me, and at the advice of a nutritionist (the 2nd one, more on those in upcoming posts), I stopped counting points and started learning how to trust my common sense machine and make healthy choices.


So, is Weight Watchers awesome? Hell yes.  Can it work for everyone?  Probably, it’s a REALLY smart way of tricking people into healthier lifestyles.  Can it work for everyone all the time? Not if you have obsessively perfectionist tendencies. If you do, maybe just use it while you’re in the first major weight-loss stages, and then once you get the idea, start riding without training wheels.

  1. Ujval said:

    Funny post. I’m looking forward to excellent results on WW!

  2. Liz in the City said:

    I think you just convinced me to wake the hell up and try it. WW has always been my fallback option, as in “I’ll try every other diet on Earth, including that weird cabbage soup one, even though I’ll probably fail, because WW just seems like it’ll work, but what if it doesn’t, then I’m screwed and then where will I be?” Still with all this weight, obvs. But if you’re obsessive (like me), and it worked for you (for a time, at least), then maybe it can work for me. Plus, JenHud looks awesome in those commercials…

    • I hear you gurl, it’s scary doing the “last chance” thing but WW just does it right. I always check back and read articles and recipes, they’re one of the few programs focused on overall health and not their own sales. It’s actually great nutrition. AND fun games to obsess over. And if you get sweaty hands when you meet new people, do what I did and skip the meetings and just do online. NO NEW FRIENDS REQUIRED! But, maybe check back and lemme know how this stuff goes, New Friend.

  3. Jen said:

    WW is great – and works (although I have some serious issues staying within my daily range any given day – i.e., use the flex points). However, the online food database SUCKS. It’s made for people that frequent chain restaurants in middle America and buy really generic, processed store bought food. I find it very difficult and tedious tracking restaurant food that I get in NY and have to individually calculate almost all of my local store-bought groceries.

    LiveStrong is a free iphone app that has a calorie counter and also tells you how much of your daily amounts of vitamins you get and has an AWESOME library of food because its user-generated (and then checked by the real people). I don’t use it anymore though because I think I know the calories and then don’t track and then end up drinking a bottle of wine and giving up completely. Soooo trying WW again, despite the horrible online food library.

    • I remember having that same issue with WW, and had to enter like 30 small grocery items to calculate a salad (and going out for tapas–forget about it). I eat the same things a lot though, so I ended up saving items once I calculated them once. Still a pain though.

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