WTF is Quinoa

I’ll tell you what it is. QUINOA IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND, THAT’S WHAT.

But also, it’s technically a seed, and one that acts like a whole grain, and is like pasta’s older, prettier sister. If you’re interested in saying it aloud, you can do so by saying KEEN-wah. There. You’ve done it.

Let’s talk about how RIDICULOUS it is that you aren’t already eating this all the time by going through all of the ways in which Quinoa satisfies the This Food Is Awesome requirements.

  1. It has the texture of brown rice or al dente pasta, which means it can be substituted for either of those things (that’s right, YOU CAN EAT PASTA AGAIN sort of).
  2. It has a “nutty” flavor says everyone else, but mostly it’ll just taste like however you cook it, sort of like how pasta tastes like whatever sauce it’s in (salt). Did you use it in a stir fry? It tastes like soy sauce. Did you eat it with lemon, olive oil, and asparagus? It tastes like lemon, olive oil and asparagus.
  3. It has Every. Single. Essential. Amino. Acid. which makes it a “complete protein,” which is incredibly rare in the plant family. This quinoa is KILLIN IT. Vegetarians, take note. One cup has 8 grams of protein.
  4. It is gluten-free (remember it’s a seed and not a grain) and is a relative of the spinach family (they see each other on holidays) so Celiacs, you too, get on this.
  5. It’s on the list of must-have groceries, so it’s already in your cabinet.
  6. It has twice the fiber of most grains, which makes you feel fuller longer. Look who’s NOT hungry 45 minutes after dinner!
  7. It’s high in iron, which helps deliver oxygen to blood, and riboflavin, which helps convert food into energy.

Are you scared? Don’t be. I’ll post a starter recipe later this month, but also, there are a million. Go try some out and tell me which are the best.

  1. Anne said:

    I cook mine in chicken stock, then add sauteed onions and slivered almonds. Good. Shit.

    • Oooooh, good idea with adding almonds! I’ma do that.

  2. Chelsea said:

    Not to be super-pluggy, but my friend Ravi also makes and markets delicious and healthy quinoa treats – I Heart Keen-Wah. It was featured in O Magazine so you know it’s pretty great.

    • I’ve heard about this, I’ll have to check it out, thanks! (It’s a great alternative to granola!)

    • That looks so tasty! I need to branch out my spice collection, this is a good way to start. Thanks for posting!

  3. Brog said:

    Interesting article, thank you for the information, but I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “kwin-OH-uh” 😉

    • Matty said:

      Nope KEEN-wah is correct

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