Buy Some Effing Groceries

We’re all adults here, so I think it’s safe to say that we should have more than ketchup and Kraft Singles in our fridges at this point. Eating out and ordering in are really easy ways to add unnecessary calories, so it’s important to keep your fridge stocked with supplies for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Because you are a badass who is fitnessing, it’s even more important that those supplies are healthy and nutritious, because we all know that if you stock up on mac n cheese, you’ll be on your way to a shame hangover in no time.

I’ve divided this into 3 categories for your organizational pleasure.

ALWAYS HAVE: Keep this stuff around all the time, because they’re all healthy options, so reaching for any of them is great. How responsible!
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Raw almonds or walnuts for snacking
  • Fresh fruits (apples and oranges last the longest, berries and more tropical fruits usually only stay good for like a week, so stock accordingly)
  • Fresh vegetables: remember lunch, dinner, and snacks, so buy veggies you like in sandwiches, some you’ll want to snack on, and some to roast or steam for dinner
  • Frozen vegetables: cause you haven’t had time to get groceries in like 10 days but at least you can microwave some broccoli
  • Frozen lean meats: keep your freezer stocked with chicken breast, lean pork chops, and fish so you can always throw a quick dinner together, even if you’re “out of groceries” (literally impossible you guys, so stop exaggerating).
  • Deli meats for sandwiches
  • Almond butter: great on toast as a snack or breakfast
  • Larabars
  • Light multigrain english muffins (Thomas’ have 100 calories, they’re great)
  • Multigrain bread
  • Egg Whites
  • Quinoa: this is a great substitute for pasta, and it’s loaded with protein. It’s also really versatile. I’ll post recipes with this soon.
  • Honey: you can always use it instead of sugar, and it’s perfect to sweeten greek yogurt
  • A good spice collection: add flavor to meats without needing to add cheese to it. So weird!
  • Canned beans: cheap, lasts forever, high in fiber, and good to use in a million recipes.
  • Protein powder or bars for right after you workout: Designer Whey is my favorite powder, it has 18g of protein and only 2g sugar. Pure Protein bars have 21g protein and 2g sugar.
  • Light cheeses: light feta, light laughing cow wedges, maybe some light string cheese. Dairy is the only time I go for lowfat versions, because usually All good for snacking, lunching, and dinnering.
SOMETIMES MAYBE HAVE: These are healthier than most of the bullshit that companies try to sell us, but they still aren’t as ultimate as the above choices.
  • Hummus: it’s good for you, but in moderation, and I tend to go overboard with dips (it’s just so FUN) so I only keep it around once in a while
  • Crackers / Pita chips: yes, they’re baked and not fried, but they’re still empty carbs, and you’re much better served to have fruit and nuts or greek yogurt as a snack instead. Have them, but not too often.
  • Frozen yogurt: if it’s there I will demolish it. Sometimes it’s nice to have to walk to the frozen yogurt place, so you only get it if you REALLY want it. Having it in the freezer might make you feel like every night is dessert night.
  • Eggs: whites are always a better choice, but one or two yolks a week is a good rule of thumb.
  • Multi-grain wraps: you get way more health benefits from a nice grainy bread, but, you know, sometimes you gotta make fish tacos.
  • Whole grain pasta: I always try and stick to a lean protein and a veggie when I’m eating at home, so use pasta sparingly. And when you do use it, make it whole grain.
DON’T HAVE: eating any of these should be accidents. “I was at my friend’s party and there were chips out, I slipped and fell on ice cream,” stuff like that. Don’t make a point to get these for yourself.
  • Potato chips: duh
  • Ice cream: duh
  • Cereal: this is just sugar and carbs, no matter how lean of a choice you get, and it can be really addictive. There are way better ways to start your day, or have a snack. Just leave it on the shelf.
  • Cookies: don’t make yourself choose between cookies and fruit when you’re hungry for a snack. The cookies will always win. Just don’t do it.

Did you stock your fridge and then eat healthier with almost no will power for the week? Yes you did, because you made all of your eating decisions at the grocery store instead of at each and every meal.  Once you have all the right supplies, any combination of meals you make will be healthy options. WASN’T THAT EASY. If grocery stores give you hives (yup hey) then use Fresh Direct and do it online. THERE IS NO EXCUSE.

I can’t be the only person who stocks healthy groceries in this world, so if you have more healthy Always-Haves, tell me.

  1. Reshmi said:

    Where do you buy Designer Whey?

    • Hay gurl. Not all grocery stores have it — I know they sell it at Trader Joe’s, I usually get it at Rite Aid or GNC (Fresh Direct ain’t havin it yet).

  2. Liz in the City said:

    Just so you know, I printed out this super-helpful list for my grocery shopping tonight.

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