Werkouts #1

So I taught my first group fitness class and they threw roses at me after because it was so amazing.  Just kidding. But they were really sweaty after so I think it went pretty well. Anyway, the circuit we did was pretty awesome, so I figured all you hardcore fitnessers out there should give it a try.

Major plus: you don’t need any equipment. So, you can do this while you’re on vacation, or it’s raining and you don’t want to walk to the gym, or some guy is hogging the heavy weights, or whatever.

This works your whole body. THE WHOLE THING.

Warmup: 1 minute each of

  • jumping jacks
  • high knees
  • butt kicks

Circuit: 1 minute each

  • jumps, side to side, over 2 yoga blocks or a sneaker or whatever thing is small
  • bounds w/ kick back, left leg: lunge back with left leg, then bring the left knee forward to your hip level while you hop on the right leg, then push the left leg straight back behind you so you’re in a T shape (one-legged deadlift style), then hop the left knee up again, then lunge back with left leg, repeat. It’s sort of like running in place but with lunges and knee kicks added for WAY MORE FUN.
  • bounds w/ kick back, right leg
  • squats, turning into a squat jump for the last 15 seconds
  • burpees
  • 1 minute rest

Repeat the circuit 4 times total. YES FOUR.

Then have a protein shake cause that shit was hard. Your legs will probably burn out during those bounds; that’s okay, just take a second, shake it out, and get right back in there LIKE A BOSS.

  1. Dude, you got RAVING REVIEWS! People, you already know, but Brittany is the BEST. For reals.

    • This is my trainer. I think she’s legally obligated to say something like that. Also, if anyone needs a trainer, look at her gravatar photo, and decide to choose her. H. O. T.

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