Some Holiday Rules

Hayyyyy guys. I know we’ve talked about how to survive a party, a BBQ, and even the Thanksgiving holiday, but the Christmas / New Year’s stretch is often 10 days or more of being “on vacation, so, what the heck, I’ll have another burrito! See you in 2 weeks, Gym!” and stuff. And 10 days of that is gonna do some real damage. So, let’s set a few, easy to follow ground rules that will STILL let you have an awesome time, but also let you not destroy your body.

  1. Don’t take more than 2 days off in a row from working out. I always think that exercising helps remind you that you are a person that cares about your health, and going more than a couple days without it (even when I’m sick) tends to send me into a WHATEVER WHO CARES frenzy and I become an unstoppable eat-whatever-exists-twice machine. So if you’re going out of town for a week, get a few workouts in over the course of your trip. It’ll help work out any of that “Family! Ack!” Cathy-cartoon-like stress you may have, it’ll help burn some of the extra holiday calories you know are gonna happen, and it’ll send a subtle signal to your brain to chill out on those extra calories, cause they get in the way of having your awesome strong fit bod. You don’t need any equipment to do squats, lunges, pushups, burpees, or planks, so building a portable workout is easy. Here’s a great one. Here’s a shit ton of other great ones, designed by a PERSONAL TRAINER, even. Try some.
  2. What or How Much: you can only choose one. Everyone agrees that holidays are a time to indulge, and you don’t want to be that health nut that only eats leafy greens and black beans, but if you’re gonna indulge, don’t go overboard on how much AND what you eat. If quantity is your thing, make sure there are plenty of healthy options, and then eat as much as you want and party your face off. If you want to eat Sara’s famous sausage and cream cheese dip, then go for it, but don’t eat it like it’s 1999. If you’re eating a lot, make it healthy. It you have self control (bless you) and you’d rather indulge in the high octane stuff but minimize portions, have at it. But don’t stuff yourself silly with biscuits and gravy. Have a little, and then move on to some roasted veggies. You’ll still enjoy yourself. Promise.
  3. Drink Smart. Just because it’s in liquid form doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Holiday drinks can be more dangerous than most meals. Eggnog is just….. the worst. It’s the worst, you guys. Cut down on extra calories by having an equally delicious holiday drink: hot cider with whiskey and a cinnamon stick. Just as much flavor without all that heavy cream. And wine is always a staple. Always. So much better for you than beer, and who wants to cozy up by the fire with a COLD drink? Nobody. Have a nice toasty glass of warm (not really)  wine. Better yet, have MULLED wine, which actually is warm and has cinnamon and cloves and holiday cheer. If you really need to get your bubbly on, try a good ole fashioned bellini: a glass of prosecco with a slight splash of peach nectar will give you everything you need. OR, do a splash of apple cider instead. HOLIDAYMOSA. Enjoy. The point is, be smart about your drinks, just as you’re being smart with your food. Fitnessing includes alcohol (if we’re being honest) so help both coexist in harmony.

That it you guys. Three rules. Pay attention to what you eat, what you drink, and how often you move your body. You already do this, so you know it isn’t that hard — just keep doing it during your holiday vacation. Then when holiday vacation is over, jump back in with a week of everyday workouts, to reset your mind and body — make it official that the indulgence part is over, and fitnessing is back in full swing. Okay go finish buying presents and listening to Mariah Carey.

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  1. Russ said:

    I will try to keep these in mind as I wade hip deep through fields of eggnog and cinnamon rolls. But even if I fail a little… Tis the season to be jolly… And by jolly I mean just a tad more insulated. Great tips Britt!

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