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Each day I receive, on average, thousands of emails asking me to describe a “shame hangover” so people can finally get the information they need to continue their daily lives. Fortunately, I am able to take the time now to Give The People What They Want.

A Shame Hangover is an uneasy, anxious, unmotivated, or generally negative feeling that typically immediately follows a lapse in fitnessing.

Causes: a shame hangover is likely to occur after any or all of the following (chances of shame hangover increases when any of the following are combined). Read More


Did you rip that paper towel and use 1/4 of it to wipe up some protein milkshake spillage, and the other 3/4 to make your sandwich to bring to work? Congratulations. You like efficiency as much as I do.

Did you save those few rogue onion, tomato, and kale slices from turkey burgers at dinner to put in an egg white omelet the next day? Such a great re-use of resources.

Did you save 6 seconds by not putting on a coat to go to the gym, since you’re only going to take it off once you get there anyway? What a time saver.

I think it’s clear that we share the EXACT same love for efficiency, which is why this tip is especially easy / hard.

It stems from a very common, very SERIOUS problem: you are full but your plate is not yet empty. Read More

So, I started this blog to talk about fitnessing in real-life, and one of the most important things I discovered in my ongoing quest for Healthy is that sustainability is key. Everything you do to be healthier should be with long term in mind.  FOR EXAMPLE.

There is this one diet I was SO EXCITED to try after hearing about it from my roommate at the time.  His name is Guillaume, he is from France, but this is AMERICA, so we called him Gyoom.

The diet was meant to give me abs (omg FINALLY) and eliminate any chance of my body even THINKING of creating fat, while making sure I was getting the nutrients in order to workout 7 – 8 hours a week. This was HEALTHY. I was going to be SHREDDED. Or as Gyoom called it, “shred.”

Here is the regimen: Read More

OK so the weekend is happening now, and pretty much all month long, since it is December and everyone “would LOVE to see you before the holidays!” so here we go with fitnessing during the tough times.

You don’t want to DECLINE these parties, because then you might slowly fade from all invite lists, and then one day you’re home alone texting 45 people just to “see what’s goin on!” and start to wonder if maybe your phone is broken?

No, we don’t want that to happen. Go to the parties. Have fun. Don’t be that person who “CAN’T HAVE ALCOHOL, I’M ON A DIET HAHA…” Be a normal person, having fun with other normal people at a party.


You do that by doing a few other things. Read More

Hey y’all, it’s time for me to start a blog about some fitness things.  If you’re reading this, you probably know me and are my mom.  If you don’t and aren’t, here’s the short version of why I’m starting this blog.  As a way to turn this back story into advice, I’ll list the history as steps that you can follow to do what I did and eventually start your own free WordPress blog. Just like me!

  • Step 1: Be fat for like, most if not all of your life. Read More