Fake Truffle Fries

Here are some truffle fries, just kidding, they aren’t fried, or potatoes.  They are BAKED. And PARSNIPS.


  1. Parsnips! They’re big, I usually do 1 per person
  2. Peanut oil, or olive oil
  3. Truffle oil
  4. Salt
  5. Fresh parsley
  6. A pan, and i guess a knife and cutting board. And a counter? Or table. Whatever.
  7. Oven


Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Using your cutting board, knife, parsnips, and counter (or table), cut the parsnips into french fry shaped objects (some people call this a julienne). Anywhere from like 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick is good.

Like this!

Like this!

Drizzle peanut oil over them. If for some reason your friend didn’t give you all of her random spices and oils when she moved to another state, and you do not have this in your pantry, use extra virgin olive oil instead (which you should definitely have in your pantry). Sprinkle some salt as well, and mix until they’re covered in oil and salt.

By this time, surely your oven has heated to 425. So, put the parsnips in there!

Cook for about 25 minutes, flipping the parsnips halfway through. This is near impossible to do unless you do it one by one, and that takes forever, so just, you know, move them around, and try and get a different side to touch the pan than was before. If you have a lot of parsnips, it might take a little longer; you want to wait until they’re mostly browned.

While the parsnips are baking, cut some fresh parsley! It makes everything fancy. And you have plenty of time, those parsnips will be a while.

Once you pull them out of the oven, drizzle truffle oil over them (about a tablespoon or so) and add another pinch of salt and the parsley. Mix well.

French Fries Sort Of!

French Fries Sort Of!

That’s it, they’re ready to eat, which is the best part of every recipe. These taste a little sweeter than french fries, but won’t give you a shame hangover, so you should probably eat these and not real truffle fries. Serve with a protein.


Yes, me too. There are plenty of health benefits here, besides the fact that it helps you avoid eating fried potatoes.

  • parsnips are very high in fiber
  • they’re also very low in fat
  • low in calories
  • high in Vitamin C, which is good for your bones and teeth, and helps your body absorb iron and metabolize protein. It’s also an antioxidant.
  • high in Vitamin K, which is good for your bones and your blood
  • high in potassium and magnesium, which do many things including help build and repair muscles

Serve this when you want to impress, or just eat something delicious, because oh man, it is really tasty. And pretty easy and cheap (but don’t tell it I said that).

  1. Ashleigh Ross said:

    Oh man. My boyfriend and I just made these with our turkey burgers for dinner. Revolutionary.

    Do you know what the carbohydrate situation is in parsnips? Also, how do they compare nutrition-wise to sweet potatoes?

    This recipe and this blog have made my life so much more fun. Thank you!

    • Hey Ashleigh! So, parsnips are actually a little lighter on carbs than sweet potatoes. A cup of sweet potato (raw) has 23g of carbs, while a cup of parsnips (raw) has 17g. They both have less than half a gram of fat and around 2g of protein, and both are great sources of fiber, but parsnips have a little more. Check out this Livestrong article, it breaks it down a little more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/505298-a-nutrition-comparison-of-the-sweet-potato-and-the-parsnip/
      Glad you’re enjoying the blog!!! More recipes to come, keep the feedback comin!

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