THE WEEKENDER: A movie thing.

Rainy Saturday == Netflix


Netflix =/= Fitnessing

UNLESS you watch a documentary about fitnessing, which is actually super informative. Hungry For Change just became available on Netflix instant streaming a few weeks ago and it’s realgood.

If you don’t have time to watch it this weekend (aren’t we popular) here are some key takeaways:

  • If we don’t get the proper nutrition we need, our body still thinks it’s hungry, even if you’ve eaten plenty. You guys, HOW SCARY. Make sure stuff you put in your body has some nutritive value so your body isn’t just like “yes please more, since you didn’t really give me anything anyway.”
  • Since the 1950s, the U.S. has moved to a diet of too many calories, not enough nutrients, and not enough use for the calories we take in (we eat too much that isn’t substantive, and aren’t particularly active enough to burn those calories) HOW BACKWARDS
  • The food manufacturer’s job is to sell as much of their product as possible, not to make sure you put nutritious substance in your body. TRUST NO ONE. Ugh. Just because Honey Bunches of Oats now has “greek yogurt clusters” doesn’t mean there’s aaaaaanything more nutritious about it. They’re just taking hot buzzwords, cause they hear how everyone loves greek yogurt, and adding a small enough amount that they can put it on their box and trick you into buying it.
  • If one were VERY PARANOID, or maybe TOTALLY ACCURATE, one might compare the food manufacturers to tobacco companies (which was also a parallel in this week’s very interes-terrifying NYTimes article about junk food) because tobacco companies add more nicotine, though they know it’s incredibly unhealthy, to make cigarettes more addictive so they can sell more, and fast food companies do this with sugar (or sometimes salt, which absolutely works on me).
  • Fast food companies also manipulate the chemical structure of the food to make it not fulfilling but addictive so you want more forever and ever.
  • Artificial sweeteners cause carb cravings you guys. Diet Coke = Stop That.
  • As a general rule, stay away from isolates: high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, white flour. Anything that has been over-processed and “refined”
  • Fat doesn’t make you fat; sugar makes you fat. All those walnuts and avocados are JUST FINE.
  • A great way to change what you eat, rather than dieting, is to add in the good stuff instead of taking away the bad stuff. Just make sure you eat all of the lean protein / veggies / fruits / grains that your body needs, and then you’re likely to have less room for bad stuff (and maybe even not crave it at all?)

OMG sorry for all the spoilers you guys!!!

At the end they get into juicing, which is just beyond my realm of knowledge (/desire) and I’ve only touched on a fraction of what they cover, so it’s still worth watching.

OK have a good weekend y’all.

  1. Sodavy Pou said:

    That’s in my queue! Girl, I feel prepared now. Thank you.

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