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Okay urrbody, here is the most important post ever: how do you fitness and alcohol at the same time?

This is very difficult, and please note, you should never do both at the EXACT same time. This is dangerous, and will prevent you from doing either effectively.

No, we’re talking about doing them both at the same time in the LIFESTYLE sense. Because in life, we are always fitnessing. But sometimes, we are also having cocktails.

Let’s start with broad strokes. Here is the hierarchy of alcohol types, in order of “healthiness” from most to least: Read More


So now that we’ve established that exercising is a must, there are so many places to go from here.  I’m sure you have questions. Like, WHAT KIND DO I DO AND FOR HOW LONG AND HOW OFTEN AND WHAT ABOUT IF I’M BUSY AND WHY ISN’T IT WORKING I CAN’T SEE MY ABS.

Well, this is to answer, sort of, the first part of that.  There are a LOT of different kinds of exercise, but one of the most efficient is circuit training (and don’t we all love efficiency.)

I’m relatively new to circuit training, but ever since an injury has kept me from running, it’s pretty much all I do. And you guys, I am SO STRONG now. I will open that jar for you. Read More

Hey y’all, it’s time for me to start a blog about some fitness things.  If you’re reading this, you probably know me and are my mom.  If you don’t and aren’t, here’s the short version of why I’m starting this blog.  As a way to turn this back story into advice, I’ll list the history as steps that you can follow to do what I did and eventually start your own free WordPress blog. Just like me!

  • Step 1: Be fat for like, most if not all of your life. Read More