Do you love burritos? Fish tacos? Wraps? Fitnessing? Well, let’s combine all of those in one dinner, and make it right now. Yes. Let’s do just that.

Here is what you’ll need, if you’re interested in joining me (and it just so happens this will serve four people, so bring yo friends!):

  • 2 tilapia filets (around 6-8oz each)
  • 8 collard green leaves (or stalks, or whatever they are)
  • an onion (red or yellow, whatever’s your jam)
  • a red bell pepper
  • a lime
  • seafood magic fish seasoning, or taco seasoning, or one of those type things
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 mango*
  • 1 cup of cabbage or broccoli slaw for crunch (I had leftover zucchini, so I chopped some and used that)

*If you don’t like mangoes, you can use pineapple, or any other fruit you like. Or, if you’re one of those sad boring people, you can use no fruit at all. Read More


OK you guys I’ll keep this short, because I just did a Bikram yoga class and they are JUST THE WORST, and all I want to do is go to sleep and try and forget it ever happened (also, I do this about once a week).

We are going to talk about almond milk, why you should drink it, and how easy it is to replace whatever milk product (milk, maybe?) you currently drink with some unsweetened (vanilla if you’re feeling sassy) almond milk.

Let’s start with wtf it is. Almond milk is made from soaking almonds in water for a day or two, and then blending that with more water, and straining the blended concoction. There you have it. Almond milk.  It looks almost exactly like milk, but is better.


First of all, if you’re lactose intolerant, or allergic to milk, you can still drink almond milk. So, that’s what would be what’s so good about it. If this part is irrelevant to you, first of all THANK GOODNESS because no one should miss out on cheese, but second of all, there are still plenty of reasons you’ll convert to almond milk. Let me present them in list form. Read More

Let’s talk about fitness goals. You should have one.


Not every goal has to be on the scale of completing an iron man or making the Olympic volleyball team. If you have one on that level, then you are awesome, and I am not sure why you are reading this blog, but maybe you can leave a message in the comments and direct us all to your way more hardcore blog. But, there are plenty of other goals, even on a weekly basis, that can help motivate you AND make you feel great about accomplishing them. Read More

So I’m sure EVERYONE remembers that total force of a post, Nutritionist #1: Eat More Protein, which was published back in November and took the fitness world by storm. Well, lucky for you, I’m super neurotic and saw another nutritionist to find out why I was so hungry and still didn’t look like Jennifer Hudson yet (the “after” version, of course. Also, I still don’t).

At the time I was eating mostly egg whites and spinach, and probably hadn’t had a sandwich in months. Which is why I was FLIPPING OUT with glee from her advice.

Sandwiches are okay. So is jam. You will not get fat if you have a sandwich for lunch, or put jam in your greek yogurt in the mornings. When you eat food, you should feel full afterwards (full meaning satisfied, not meaning unbutton your pants). Read More

OK I was gonna write about this cool movie I saw about the food manufacturing industry and how we should TRUST NO ONE but something compelled me to instead tell you all to shut the hell up.


Making time to work out is hard. I can appreciate / understand / empathize. We all are Very Busy and need to hurry up so we can get to work / class / that meeting / a PowerLunch / another conference call / tech rehearsal / our computer / Gawker / therapy / the airport / happy hour / The Real Housewives / band practice / some sports game / your wedding. It is very difficult to get all of this done, and where on earth are we going to find three hours, so we can get to the gym, warm up, do a workout, cool down, and then shower.


Here is where you are SO WRONG. Read More

Each day I receive, on average, thousands of emails asking me to describe a “shame hangover” so people can finally get the information they need to continue their daily lives. Fortunately, I am able to take the time now to Give The People What They Want.

A Shame Hangover is an uneasy, anxious, unmotivated, or generally negative feeling that typically immediately follows a lapse in fitnessing.

Causes: a shame hangover is likely to occur after any or all of the following (chances of shame hangover increases when any of the following are combined). Read More

Okay everybody it’s time to get going with some meatballs. Regular meatballs are made with ground beef, which is not a great source of lean protein, as we all know. These meatballs are a recipe that my mother makes, that was passed down to her by Rachael Ray. We made some adjustments and now they are perfect fitnessing meatballs. SO HERE YOU GO. Read More