This is the second post in an ongoing series aimed to get People Who Don’t Workout to do some working out. All of these workouts take 25 – 30 minutes and require no equipment. All you have to do is get out of bed. You can do that. You do it, like, everyday.

This one is a little harder than Volume 1, so if you’ve been doing Volume 1, you’re ready to go just a little bit harder (it’s not too crazy, just a natural progression from what you’ve tried already). Read More

Snacks are my favorite thing, outside of meals. It’s a great way to eat stuff when it isn’t mealtime. However, it’s also a great way to eat too MUCH stuff, or the WRONG stuff, or at the wrong time, and if you don’t have a healthy option with you, then you just sort of make a quick run to the deli, and whatever just get Pop Chips cause they’re not fried, so, win, but… actually, I’ll just also grab a Twix okbye.

So, first let’s start with WHEN we should eat snacks. The easy answer is when we’re hungry.  But if you’re like me, sometimes this is constantly, and then you need maybe a guideline. I’m a big fan of the “every three hours” rule, which means that while you’re awake, you should be eating either a meal or a snack every three hours. Both Nutritionist #1 and #2 told me that following that rule would help eat more sensibly when it comes to mealtime. Read More

So I taught my first group fitness class and they threw roses at me after because it was so amazing.  Just kidding. But they were really sweaty after so I think it went pretty well. Anyway, the circuit we did was pretty awesome, so I figured all you hardcore fitnessers out there should give it a try.

Major plus: you don’t need any equipment. So, you can do this while you’re on vacation, or it’s raining and you don’t want to walk to the gym, or some guy is hogging the heavy weights, or whatever.

This works your whole body. THE WHOLE THING. Read More

Oh hey you guys. So now that it’s getting warmer, and we will start wearing tank tops and shorts, we need to start “eating salads” so we can be “beach ready” or whatever. A salad for lunch? No big deal! I get to eat again later. But a salad for DINNER? This can be difficult.

Don’t worry. It’s possible to make a fast, filling, healthy salad.  Here is one of those. Read More

Hey y’all it’s been a while but hopefully you’re of the deductive reasoning level that the title of this post makes obvious the reason why. Anyway, let’s get down to the real stuff.

Being sick is the worst for many reasons. Things hurt, it’s hard to sleep but also it’s hard to be awake, showering is a HUGE DEAL, TV is somehow more boring all of a sudden, food doesn’t taste good because it hurts to swallow and breathe, and you don’t feel like cooking so you live off of soup and sorbet. On top of this, days go by that you can’t work out. Can you? Because maybe, like a light workout, will make you feel better? Or at least not as guilty for eating cartons of sorbet? Read More

So, fitnessing can be easy if you stay home on the weeknights and cook your own dinner, and also, the weekends too, and also avoid alcohol, and stick to baked chicken and vegetables. Fitnessing can be SO easy.

But, this isn’t a blog for those people. It’s a blog for FUN people. Aren’t we so FUN? And fun people, sometimes (often), go to meet friends for happy hour, to have fun. Which can make fitnessing a little tricky. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still Have It All. So let’s talk about how to make your happy hour completely free of shame hangovers.

There are two main aspects of happy hour. The drinks and the food. You don’t meet for food, you meet for drinks, and then after two of them, both of you are like, “are you hungry? I’m like, sort of HUNGRY, maybe” and then you agree on calamari and nachos “just to pick on something” and now you’ve gone and done it. Everything is ruined. Read More

So, we all know how important I think it is to exercise, and maybe I do it a little too much, but whatever, 12 hours a week is NOT EVEN A PART TIME JOB, so it’s fine. However, I am aware that some people are not actually THAT into working out, even though they are maybe open to the IDEA of it. They, in fact, maybe, do not work out regularly at all. In an effort to convert those people, I have devised this very series, on which I would love their / your feedback.

The idea behind Workouts for People Who Don’t Workout is that all you have to do is wake up 30 minutes before you normally would, and you can basically roll out of bed and do this challenging yet unoffensive workout. The feedback I would like is whether this is unoffensive enough that when your alarm goes off 30 minutes earlier than you’re used to, you’re willing to get out of bed to do this. So, would you get out of bed for this? Read More


Just kidding, I don’t have any opinions about society, or issues. But, this is a topic that’s greater than just the fitnessing world, and starts to get into squishy stuff like media, self-image, and confidence.

There are a lot of different reasons to go to the gym: working off stress, getting healthier, losing weight, bulking up, making friends, curing boredom, healing injuries, training for an athletic event, blah blah I’m bored. Anyway, most people go because they want to improve their physical appearance in some way. Which, trust me y’all, I GET IT. Losing 70 pounds was not a by-product of just wanting to get really good at box jumps. But, were I to take my own advice, then it would have been, because I would have set a series of fitness-related goals, rather than appearance-related goals. SPOILER ALERT this post is an extension of the Set Goals Y’all post. Cause, you know. Some thangs need saying. Read More

So this one’s a little obvious, but it’s Friday, so it’s time to take it easy a little.

Make sure you drink enough water, and then maybe drink some more water.  Some people have this in the bag, and if you do, good for you, because this is like one of the cheapest things you can do in fitnessing.  But for some people, it isn’t as natural. Here are all of the times you should drink water:

  1. First thing when you wake up. Drink a full glass of water. Your body is dehydrated — it just went HOURS with NO WATER because SOMEONE was too busy SLEEPING. Your brain needs it to start functioning, and your body needs it to start moving. Drink one glass of water before you do anything else. Read More

Short answer Yes. But, let’s talk about this, since the fact that you asked means you DON’T KNOW ANYTHING about it.

First let’s do the whole good fat / bad fat / whassadifference thing.

Good Fats:

  • monounsaturated: olive oil, almonds, peanuts, avocados, etc
  • polyunsaturated: salmon, albacore tuna, walnuts, etc

Bad Fats:

  • trans saturated fats: fried foods, pastries, chips, cookies, etc (check ingredients for anything that says “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated”). Do these never! Or close to never.
  • saturated fats: whole milk products, red meats, coconut oil, etc. Do these in limited quantities. UPDATE: though coconut oil is technically a saturated fat, a difference in molecular makeup means your body processes it differently than other saturated fats. It also has a ton of other health benefits (noted here by reader Beth–thanks gurl!–and here by my trainer Tracy). So, with coconut oil (as long as it’s raw or unrefined), have at it.


So, problems with this. First of all fitnessing doesn’t just mean weight loss, it means giving your body the nutrients it needs to be the best physical version of itself possible. Read More